Turkish Rugs

Konya Rug

750.00 1,300.00

Rug Number: 32A
Type of rug: Konya
Made in: Turkey
Town or Village: Konya
Manufacturing Facility: Nomadic

Weave: Pile
    Knot: Ghiordes
    Warp: Wool | Color of Warp: White
    Weft: Wool | Color of Weft: White
    Pile material: Sheep Wool | Pile thickness: Thin

Ends: Original
    Upper End: Regular
    Lower End: Regular
    Sides: Original

Major Color: Blue, Biege
    All colors: Biege, Blue, Dk, Rust, Riped Olive, Powder Blue, Brown
    Type of dye used: Natural

Approximate Age: Semi-Antique: 1915-1945
Condition for age: Superior

Prior Repair: No
Rug needs repair? No

Size: 4' 1" x 6' 8"
Price: $1,300

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