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This past weekend I purchased my first Turkish Rug. Yay! We went to “Carpet Boutique LTD” in Chicago’s Lakeview. When we went in, the owner greeted us and let us know what each pile of rugs was priced at. He was not pushy by any means, and genuinely wanted us to find the perfect rug. I knew we came to buy a smaller rug, but the rugs lying around this store are gorgeous! You need to head there stat if you are near Chicago.
— The Bubble Bath Effect | wasn’t until I walked into the carpet boutique I pass by everyday on my way home from the gym, that I finally got my mojo back. The colorful window displays filled with hand-carved furniture, ornate hand-knotted rugs, and unique designs from around the world have always intrigued me, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I finally walked through the front door.
I ended up leaving the store over an hour later, after having a delightful conversation with an elderly man about some of his Turkish and Bolivian rugs, furniture pieces that he was making, design ideas I’ve been conceptualizing...

So, inspired by my carpet shop visit, the current ‘Global Nomad’ trend, a book I’ve been reading (Gypset Style) and my personal style as a whole, I created a product collage.
— Express Thru Dress |

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Best Cheap Carpet Ride: Carpet Boutique Ltd.
2952 N. Clark St. * 773-327-3258
Carpet Boutique Ltd. can decorate any floor, couch, wall or table with its wide selection of authentic handmade rugs from such countries as Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and India. Of particular interest are its colorful hand-picked Turkish kilims, which come covered with mysterious but surely meaningful symbols. Some of these pieces are new (special size requests can be accommodated), but others are semi-antique and antique. And owner Erdogan Tufek has the history behind them. Young Turkish girls used to weave kilim rugs as part of their dowry, and still do in some mountain villages. The girl with the nicest rug was the one coveted by the single men of the neighborhood. The lesson here? Pick up one of these kilims and watch your love life flourish.
— Chicago Social Feb 1998

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